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Cutting Through the Noise to Guide Your Business

Vertical Boss is all about pinpointing exactly where your business stands and where you need to go next. You’ll have an experienced business advisor by your side to help you identify the blind spots that are getting in the way of your success.

Together, you’ll determine the best next steps using proven frameworks and strategies. This will help you avoid common pitfalls and pave the way for sustainable, measurable progress. The goal is to optimize your business for greater profitability and efficiency, giving you the freedom to invest your time where it’s needed most.

The Richard Doctrine
What is Vertical Boss?

Community of Growth

Vertical Boss is a targeted solution for business owners who are serious about success. Focused on pragmatic execution, it concentrates on optimizing the core components of your business to ensure growth and lasting success.

Central to Vertical Boss is a community of entrepreneurs committed to challenging the status quo. Here, members build valuable relationships, engaging in weekly sessions with other business owners dedicated to solving problems and driving their businesses forward.

In addition to the community, Vertical Boss offers personalized business advising. Business owners have the opportunity to work closely with advisor Richard Pierce, a seasoned professional with experience advising over 900 businesses, bringing a wealth of knowledge and insights to each session.

Lastly, Vertical Boss equips members with exclusive tools and resources. These tools are the culmination of years of proven results and expertise, designed to empower business owners in their quest for success.

Sustainable Success

Higher Profits by Working Less

Vertical Boss fosters an environment of success among industry leaders, emphasizing the freedom that comes with higher profits and a focus on sustainability. Join our community to engage in meaningful discussions and gain insights into successful practices and philosophies for small businesses nationwide. 

Expert Guidance

Attend weekly sessions with Richard Pierce, a seasoned business advisor with a track record of guiding over 900 businesses. He has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you succeed.

Accountability & Support

Benefit from an environment of mutual accountability. Vertical Boss fosters a culture where members hold each other to high standards, ensuring consistent progress and a supportive network to rely on.

Engaged Community

Connect with entrepreneurs who are as driven and dedicated as you are. Build meaningful relationships and join a community dedicated to elevating your business.

Proven Tools

Access a suite of tools and resources that have demonstrated real-world success. These instruments are designed to streamline your operations and enhance your business strategies, paving the way for sustainable growth and success.

Business Growth

Leverage strategies focused on driving growth and increasing profits. Vertical Boss equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary for sustainable success.

Committed Partnership

Engage with a team that’s deeply invested in your success. Vertical Boss is there for you and your business through every up and down, offering support every step of the way. 

Experience a Community Dedicated to Shared Success

Real Success Stories


Vertical Boss has helped redefine the futures of businesses just like yours by promoting the philosophy of focus on profitability, freedom, and sustainable growth.

I have been attending the New York Small Business meetings for about 3 months now. I have learned so much and have been growing in my knowledge and business practices. I see great value in the service and will continue to attend these meetings to help me grow as a person and as a business.


As a small startup business owner, it is difficult to find help with the basics of starting a successful company. Vertical Boss has helped me with a precise step-by-step plan to follow in order to be as successful with my business as possible.  Many business services help you with accounting, applications, etc…Vertical Boss goes beyond that, giving you the knowledge and resources to target how to run a successful business. Here at Rosie’s Clean-Out Services, we are grateful to have received and continue to receive their invaluable advice and support.

These sessions have been a great way for me to not only learn something new, but to also see how far I have come on my own. That being said, I could have saved a lot of time & energy (and money!) had I had the opportunity to be a part of a group like this all along. The no-holds-barred approach cuts through the chase and tells it like it needs to be said, giving advice that makes you take notice and take action.

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